My Insanity At Its Best

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Good morning and happy hump day y’all! I just hope that you are having a great morning, day or night, it all depends in what part of our beautiful planet you are in right now. And like always, enjoy your day to the fullest and don’t let nobody fuck it up for you no matter what happens. Always remember that saying good morning, good afternoon and good night won’t kill you. Trust me, when I was a kid, my shyness used to make me think and feel like that.

On another note! If you are having a rough morning, day or night, just keep ME in mind. Why? Because everyday, as soon as I wake up and I open my eyes  my problems start. Why? Because my Bipolar II disorder, OCD and social anxiety disorder kick into high gear. My multiple mental disorders are not something that I can turn on and off at will, and they are not something that will go away with talk therapy and or crazy meds. Like it or not, the reality of it all is that they are part of me. I’m not saying that they are me or that they dictate who I am as a husband, father, brother, uncle, friend, neighbor, coworker and man. What I’m saying is, that I’m not ashamed of them and I  acknowledge every single one of them, but they will never make me who I am as a person. As a matter of fact, throughout the years, they have helped and taught me how to be a more compassionate and understanding human being. Instead of making me a crazy, insane and out of control monster, I really appreciate that they have actually made me a better person. One last thing though… don’t feel sorry for me, because I sure don’t.

With that said! I am Audi 5000 y’all!