My Mental Health: My Gift And My Curse


Good morning and happy throw back Thursday y’all! Like always, I hope that you are having a great morning, noon, evening or night depending on where you find yourself at this moment in time in this crazy planet of ours. Also, don’t forget to enjoy your day to the fullest and please, do not let nobody fuck it up for you no matter what happens. As for the picture, that is my mother who I lost to breast cancer close to twenty-two years ago and me, celebrating one of my birthdays back in the 90’s. Well, I bet you knew that it was the 90’s, because of my EXTRA LOUD! shirt. Don’t laugh, my wife made me wear it. But in her defense… that shirt was really fucking hot back then… Boyeeeee!

On a positive mental illness note! I’ll bet anything, that what you have heard about Bipolar II disorder and OCD has always been negative. I can’t really blame you, because I have said a few bad things about my old friends who I love to hate, but hate to love in this here crazy blog of mine, so I share some of the blame. The funny thing is, that even as bad as it gets for me sometimes, they actually help me come up with blog posts ideas. You see, my bipolar racing thoughts and my OCD intrusive violent thoughts, always keep me mentally busy and with a lot of material to work with. It’s just that sometimes, I have so many drafted ideas, that I can’t remember what I was thinking at the time that I started them, so I end up deleting most of them. So on the one hand, they are my blogging gift per say, but on the other hand, they are my curse.

With that said! I am Audi 5000 y’all!