My Psychiatric Disorders, My Jokes

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What up! What up! What up! What up y’all! I Just hope that wherever you are, you are having a great morning, afternoon, evening or night. As always, enjoy your Saturday to the fullest and don’t let nobody, and I mean absolutely nobody fuck it up for you, no matter what happens. Today marks my tenth day without drinking since my last binge and I feel like Tony the Tiger… GRRRRREAT! Don’t get me wrong, I know that I will drink again, it’s just that I feel that I really have to take long breaks between the weekends that I drink and the weekends that I don’t… that’s all. Because if I say that I will never drink again in my entire life, I will be lying to my loyal 1.5 readers.

On a funny mental health note! Two things for sure are, that I have a gigantic sense of humor and that I have always loved comedy like crazy. I also like to make jokes and laugh at my multiple psychiatric disorders, specially my OCD. Now!… The thing that really irritates the shit out of me are people who don’t suffer from any psychiatric disorder and think that it is OK to make fun of those who suffer from them. For example, there are the people who keep saying that they are “so OCD”. REALLY MOTHERFUCKER? REALLY? The thing is, that even when I laugh, I laugh at myself and “my psychiatric disorders”, I don’t laugh at and make jokes about other who suffer from the same disorders as I do. That’s why maybe, just maybe, my loyal 1.5 readers, might have noticed that when I post about my disorders I always say “My OCD”, “My Bipolar II Disorder” and “My Social Anxiety Disorder”. Because I am referring only to “my disorders”.

With that said! I am Audi 5000 y’all!

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