TGIF Y’all!

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What up! What up! What up!… TGIF y’all! Today is Friday August 3, 2018 and it means that I have been sober for one month and sixteen days or rather yet, forty-six days. As always, I feel like Tony the fucking tiger… GRRRRREAT! No anxiety, no depression, no hangover, no regrets… I mean nothing! I just hope that wherever you are in this crazy planet of ours, you are having a good morning, good afternoon, good evening or good night. Always try to enjoy it to the fullest and don’t let nobody fuck it up for you no matter what happens.

On a work note! Today I really can’t complain about the schedule at work. First, because it’s finally fucking Friday and I am not going to be on the stupid phone the entire day, I’ll just be covering for two hours, while my co-workers are taking their lunch breaks. And then second, because the majority of the day, I will  be processing government payments on customer’s account… unless one of my co-workers calls in sick or something else happens and my supervisor decides to change the whole shit around, which I hate like hell, because most of the time, I end up with some fucked up shit. It already happened this past Monday, so I won’t be surprised if it happens again today. Fingers crossed though.

With that said! I am Audi 5000 y’all!