Feeling Down

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Even though I work from Monday through Friday and I get up at around 4:00 am to get ready to head on out to the salt mines (work). There are days that I just don’t want to have any type of human interaction. I feel like throwing my hand up in the air and just saying… FUCK IT! But the reality of it all is, that life doesn’t work like that. Plus if I don’t show up for work, I won’t get paid and if I don’t get paid, then the bills won’t get paid.

To be honest with my loyal 1.5 readers, for the past couple of days, I can honestly say that I have been feeling like shit. Yes, yes, yes! Rather than using the “D word”, I used shit. What’s the D word you asked? Depression! Instead of saying that I am depressed, I like to say that I feel down or that I feel like shit. The thing is, that I felt it coming on Tuesday morning when I was in the train, on my way to the salt mines. As usual, I can’t explain why the fuck I feel like this, since I take my anti depression crazy med every day. But for some weird and unexplained reason, this shit keeps happening to me every once in a while. I guess I’ll just have to ride it out. Fingers crossed.

With that said! I am Audi 5000 y’all!

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  1. Sorry to hear this. Depression is a bit of a rollercoaster I guess, at least mine can be. I hope this dip doesn’t last too long for you. There is always another side and hope you don’t have to ride it out too long. Much love x

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