My Last Two Dollars

person laughing beside flag
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Yesterday as I sat in the train listening to music on my headphones with my eyes closed, on my way home from the salt mine, I heard the loud voice of a young woman. I remember her saying something to the effect that she was a case worker at a LGBTQ center or shelter in downtown Manhattan, which helps young people who had to runaway or were kicked out from their home by their parents, because they did not approved of their sexual orientation. I believe that she also mentioned, that the place was closing down and they needed any help that they could get. I remember that I only had two dollars left in my wallet, and so I gave it to her, she said thank you in Spanish and walked away.

The thing that stayed with me the whole ride home, was to think that some parents would kick their own kids out to the streets, just because they didn’t approved of their sexual orientation. I mean, I just kept imagining these kids, walking the streets under the rain, snow and or cold, with nowhere to go. While they were thinking, that the same people who gave them life, took care and protected them when they were babies, rejected them just because who they are. I thought about my daughter and son, because I’ve always said, that no matter what sexual orientation my children were, I would always accept and support them. I know that at first, it must be hard as a parent, but the thing is, that they are still my children. How the fuck can I forget that they are part of me? How the fuck could I reject them?

With that said! I am Audi 5000 y’all!

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