The Hollywood Illusion

Ever since I was a kid, I fell in love with movies and sitcoms. But lately, I have been disappointed because of the lack of diversity and inclusion coming from Hollywood. It seems to me, that the big-wigs refuse to accept the fact, that America is the world’s biggest melting pot, and over the years, has change dramatically. Every day, when I take the train to go to work and back home, I see people of all races, religious believes, sexual orientations, genders, heights, weight and color. But when I turn the TV on, that’s not what I see, I see an illusion or better yet, a distorted truth.

2 thoughts on “The Hollywood Illusion

  1. Completely agree. And whenever a tv show or movie does their best to include a variety of people with different backgrounds, sexual preferences, etc., they get a lot of backlash from the audience who claims the variety feels ‘forced’. Do they even open their eyes while walking down the street?

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