First things first my peeps! No matter what you’ve read, heard or were told about me, I’m not a professional blogger, writer, researcher, teacher, sensei, advocate, counselor, clinician, social worker, caseworker, therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, scientist or physicist. In other words, I really don’t know what the fuck I am doing with this crazy, insane and boring blog of mine!

Am I really a crazy man with a blog? You tell me, since my wife, children and dog had me psychologically tested and I was diagnosed with Social Anxiety disorder, Bipolar II disorder and OCD. I see my shrink on a monthly basis and I’m currently on crazy meds. I’m also a full-time a customer service representative at the salt mine (That’s what I like to call my place of employment).

Who am I personally? Well, my name is Tony “Tone” Vega and I’m a 49-year-old Dominican man living in New York City, who has been married for 31 years. I’m the father of a 28-year-old daughter, a 24-year-old son and a crazy and energetic rescued 5-year-old dog (My baby).

WARNING: I’m just a crazy man on crazy meds, with a crazy blog about NOTHING! Who is a well-known expert at NOTHING!


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