Shorter Is Better

Maybe, just maybe, my loyal 1.5 reader have noticed by now, that I decided to go with shorter posts. The reason for that is, that I know for a fact, that my loyal 1.5 readers have a real life, that they want to get back to ASAP. So, I don’t want to write a 500+ word boring post, about how I didn’t have shit to do at the salt mines, and so I spent my whole day playing with my balls at my desk. One very important thing that I’ve learned throughout the years is, that we humans have shorter attention span than a goldfish. 

Fuck It All!

As you might have notice by now, I was feeling like shit and so I decided to remove all the posts and start from zero… AGAIN! The thing about me is, that from time to time, I just get tired of everything, but don’t know exactly what is it that I want. There are times when I feel like dropping the whole blog and walking away from it all and just saying FUCK IT! But for some weird reason, I don’t do it. I really don’t know why.

With that said, I’m Audi 5000 y’all!