I’ll Slap You Silly!

Is it worth being broke and homeless, in order to go after your “Dream”? I’ve heard of people who have done exactly that, and if and when they make it, they go around telling their sad story to the world. Motherfucker!… you were broke and homeless, because you put yourself in that position!Get the fuck over it!… SSSSSLAP!

With that said, I’m Audi 5000 y’all!

The Hollywood Illusion

Ever since I was a kid, I fell in love with movies and sitcoms. But lately, I have been disappointed because of the lack of diversity and inclusion coming from Hollywood. It seems to me, that the big-wigs refuse to accept the fact, that America is the world’s biggest melting pot, and over the years, has change dramatically. Every day, when I take the train to go to work and back home, I see people of all races, religious believes, sexual orientations, genders, heights, weight and color. But when I turn the TV on, that’s not what I see, I see an illusion or better yet, a distorted truth.