Here it is, the big disclaimer. 

One thing for sure is, that on this here crazy blog of mine, you will find a few if not many grammatical errors, spelling errors and many other type of errors, in other words… FUCK UPS! The reason for that is, that “I AM NOT”… I repeat!… “I AM NOT” an expert or professional blogger, blogging guru, author, writer, poet, English professor, English teacher, grammar police, grammar Nazi, spelling police, spelling Nazi, marriage expert, parenting expert, activist, artist, athlete, social media influencer, influential media personality, role model, trendsetter, follower, leader, motivational person or advocate of any kind, nor do I pretend to or think that I will ever be. Come to think of it… I’m not an expert or professional in anything.

I don’t blog for awards, to win trophies, to win medals, to win ribbons, to get attention, to get noticed, to get discovered, to be accepted by society, for approval, for recognition, for instant gratification, to build a brand, to build a community, to receive honorary degrees, to earn knighthoods, to earn a star in The Hollywood Walk of Fameto boost my ego, to have someone stroke my ego, to get others to leave comments, to get involved in any type of drama, to gain followers, for follow back, to get likes, to get +1’s, to impress anybody, to get support, for shares, for re-shares, to get sex, to look good or sexy, for success, for publicity, for personal promotion, to peddle, to get donations, to receive free food, to receive free clothing, to receive any free items, to receive any free product, for fame, to become a social media star, to become an internet celebrity, to become a social media influencer and or to earn a living. I do like to say that I blog “to get my crazy thoughts out of my mind and on to something”, plus I see my crazy blog as my personal tiny corner of the internet.

With that said! I am Audi 5000 y’all!

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