We Live Another Day

Well my homies and homettes, today is Tuesday and I really can’t complain, because I get to live another day. Sometimes life sucks, but that’s not what it is all about. We have to take the good and the bad as they come.

With that said, I’m Audi 5000 y’all!

Shorter Is Better

Maybe, just maybe, my loyal 1.5 reader have noticed by now, that I decided to go with shorter posts. The reason for that is, that I know for a fact, that my loyal 1.5 readers have a real life, that they want to get back to ASAP. So, I don’t want to write a 500+ word boring post, about how I didn’t have shit to do at the salt mines, and so I spent my whole day playing with my balls at my desk. One very important thing that I’ve learned throughout the years is, that we humans have shorter attention span than a goldfish. 

Forget Zero Alcohol

A couple of days ago, I saw a beer commercial for the Heineken 0.0 with “Great taste. Zero alcohol”. To be honest with you, the idea of drinking such a beer seems like a good one to me, but I know for sure, that after drinking a “fake beer”, I’m going to want to drink the real thing, because I want to feel the effect of the alcohol. So, even if has zero alcohol, I rather stay away from that shit.

With that said, I’m Audi 5000 y’all!

Therapy Day

Yesterday was my therapy day with my shrink Dr. C, and as always, after we were done, I felt like if a thousand pounds were lifted off from my shoulders. He asked me about my OCD intrusive thoughts, but we talked mostly about how I was doing with my sobriety, and he was so happy that I have been sober for five weeks, that he congratulated me on a job well done. I’m just worried about my one week vacation to The Dominican Republic in July,

With that said, I’m Audi 5000 y’all!

Fuck It All!

As you might have notice by now, I was feeling like shit and so I decided to remove all the posts and start from zero… AGAIN! The thing about me is, that from time to time, I just get tired of everything, but don’t know exactly what is it that I want. There are times when I feel like dropping the whole blog and walking away from it all and just saying FUCK IT! But for some weird reason, I don’t do it. I really don’t know why.

With that said, I’m Audi 5000 y’all!