Going Back To Basics

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I know! I know! I know! I know! I know! It has been a couple of days since I last posted on this here crazy, insane and boring blog for mine. It is a long story, but you might already know me… or not… But I always like to make them short, sweet and to the point.

The whole thing was that 1) I have two herniated disks in my lower back and I did a couple of things I should not have done over the long weekend, so my back went out and I have been out of work and at home taking pain meds, until I go back to the salt mine next Monday and 2) My wife and I have been spending more time together, because even if we give each other some space, we both felt that we were not spending enough time together. So there you have it my loyal 1.5 readers.

With that said! I am Audi 5000 y’all!

Depressed Or Not! Here I Go!

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Just as my Thanksgiving Day was getting started, so did my depression. Like I told my shrink Dr. C a couple of times, I take my crazy meds every day in the morning, but for some weird and unexplained reason, every few weeks, I get depressed as hell. The one thing that I’ve noticed for a while now is, that it all gets started with all these negative thoughts popping into my mind. Then most of the time, as the day goes by, it all goes downhill from there. I know that many years ago, my shrink told me that I suffer from Bipolar II disorder, but I’ve never experienced anything like this, until a couple of months ago.

Well, the good news is, that after spending a couple of hours going back and forth between helping my wife with some Thanksgiving dinner preparations and writing this post, I can say that I feel a lot better. Who knows, maybe what actually helped me was using this post to say how I felt. But no matter what, I will let my shrink know, when I see him next month.

With that said! I am Audi 5000 y’all!