The Big C Hits Close To Home

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What up! What up! What up my homies and homettes! 

On a sad note! Yesterday, my wife’s best friend found out that she has cancer. I’m really not sure as to what type it is right now, but my wife has been going crazy ever since her friend told her. Even though her friend is almost old enough to be her mother, they get along very well for their age difference. The part about the whole situation that has been hurting my wife the most is, that her friend is already talking as if she has little time to live, which is not the case, because it is too early and she’s going into surgery on Monday. Even though I lost my mother to breast cancer twenty-two years ago, science has advanced a lot since then. So I’m very optimistic that everything will be OK.

As always, wherever you are in this crazy planet of ours, good morning, good afternoon, good evening or good night. Enjoy it to the fullest and don’t let nobody fuck it up for you no matter what goes down.

With that said! I am Audi 5000 y’all!